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Home Heating Costs Expected To Skyrocket This Winter

BOSTON (CBS) – Local heating assistance programs are preparing to help their clients as the U.S. Government predicts there will be higher bills for heating this winter. The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts that the cost of heating oil will increase by 43%, natural gas by 30%, propane by 54%, and electricity by 6%. Those numbers climb even higher if…

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Drew: Increased funding for recovery high schools will save lives

I applaud the Boston Herald’s recent call for increased state funding for recovery high schools — an investment that’s critical to preventing ever more misery along Boston’s “Mass & Cass” methadone mile. Since 2006, ABCD — Action for Boston Community Development — has operated William J. Ostiguy High School, Boston’s only recovery high school and one of just five in…

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ABCD Hoop Dreams returns to TD Garden

It’s time to hit the parquet for a great cause! ABCD – Action for Boston Community Development – is holding another round of its “Hoop Dreams” fundraiser on November 2 at TD Garden in Boston. John Drew, the President and CEO of ABCD, joins Nichole to talk about the event and the many other ways they help those in need…

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ABCD’s Hoop Dreams back on at TD Garden

After a pandemic pause, a big Boston event that benefits local teens is back on at TD Garden. ABCD’s Hoop Dreams is a charity basketball tournament that enables basketball fans to live out their dreams of playing on the floor of the Garden. The tournament supports ABCD youth programs that break down barriers and create opportunities for youths. They include SummerWorks and…

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Connor Schoen and Tony Shu are taking action in ending young adult homelessness with actionable steps to stable employment

Connor Schoen and Tony Shu, who met as undergraduates at Harvard, cofounded Breaktime with a mission to end young adult homelessness by providing them with employment opportunities. In this story, Vickie, a young woman experiencing homelessness, discusses her job at an ABCD food pantry in Boston’s South End neighborhood. WATCH NOW

Get Ready to Pay More to Heat Your Home This Winter. Here’s Why

The price of heating oil last year was $2.08 per gallon — now it’s $3.21 With cold weather on the horizon, the cost of heating oil and natural gas is going up. It affects everyone, but especially people with a low or fixed income. People like Marjorie Sartori, who lives with her two grandsons in Malden, Massachusetts. “Usually, I can’t…

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The Red Sox’ playoff race has been great, even with their late-season stumbles

“Brad Stevens, Bob Ryan, and Michael Holley will be out front for the annual ABCD Hoop Dreams of Champions at TD Garden Nov. 2. For a chance to play on the parquet floor and contribute to a great cause, contact elizabeth.mccarthy@bostonabcd.org or call 617-620-6949.” READ MORE

Housing equity bill is urgent to hold pandemic-related suffering at bay

I applaud Timothy Scalona’s urgent call for the Legislature to pass the COVID-19 housing equity bill (“The eviction crisis is upon us — the Legislature must act,” Opinion, Sept. 9). Action for Boston Community Development has worked feverishly to meet the needs of our most vulnerable communities throughout a pandemic that has ravaged their health and stability. While some area residents have emerged…

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Massachusetts Workers’ Expiring Unemployment Benefits Won’t Solve Labor Shortage, Experts Say

More than 300,000 Massachusetts workers who lost jobs during the pandemic are about to cash their last unemployment checks this week, but experts are not expecting the end of pandemic-related jobless benefits to solve the state’s labor shortage. … Advocates are scrambling to connect hundreds of thousands of people losing unemployment checks with other aid such as food benefits, cash…

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More than 300,000 will soon lose jobless benefits in Mass. The looming cutoff reveals an economy divided by extremes

In the ultimate act of unfortunate timing, the pandemic-era unemployment benefits for some 7.5 million people will run out on or justbefore Labor Day, the federal holiday that honors the contributions of American workers. The largest such cutoff in history, affecting more than 300,000 in Massachusetts, is taking place as the coronavirus pandemic that caused unprecedented job losses escalates once again, casting a…

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