Month: August 2021


ABCD President/CEO John J. Drew urges vision, collaboration After 18 months of a global health crisis, our country and the world have been conditioned to respond. We train our focus on the next milestone in the hope that it will lead to a meaningful turnaround. But it’s time for leaders to transition from a reactive to a proactive mindset in…

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More than 300,000 will soon lose jobless benefits in Mass. The looming cutoff reveals an economy divided by extremes

In the ultimate act of unfortunate timing, the pandemic-era unemployment benefits for some 7.5 million people will run out on or justbefore Labor Day, the federal holiday that honors the contributions of American workers. The largest such cutoff in history, affecting more than 300,000 in Massachusetts, is taking place as the coronavirus pandemic that caused unprecedented job losses escalates once again, casting a…

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Drew: Note to universal pre-k planners – we already have Head Start

Across America, many are applauding the Senate passage on Aug. 12 of a $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package as a first step in advancing the largest safety net expansion since the 1960s. That legislation aims to expand health care, fund climate change programs and provide free preschool and community college among other “human infrastructure” initiatives that will increase quality of…

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