With a solid financial footing, you’re on your way to a successful life and a stable future for yourself and your family. ABCD makes your financial well-being a priority through a leading free tax assistance program that could help you build savings, pay off debts, and get on the path to financial security. We also offer a special youth program (YEA!) to educate and motivate 13 year olds about budgeting, civic engagement, career planning, and more.

Free Tax Assistance

Free Tax Assistance

In 2022, 2,563 people received free tax prep for total refunds of $6,431,747

Learn, Budget and Manage to Your Advantage

ABCD Services link: Tax Assistance

Tax Assistance

Our IRS-certified tax preparers help you apply for tax credits that maximize your refunds and could give your budget some breathing room. Or join our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program to help low income individuals and families get the tax returns they've earned.
ABCD Services link: Youth Engaged in Action (YEA!)

Youth Engaged in Action (YEA!)

If you’re an eligible 13 year old, you’re in for a meaningful and fun summer experience. Build financial awareness, learn about careers and civic engagement, gain leadership skills, and have priority admission status to ABCD’s YEA! program.