Youth Engaged in Action (YEA!)

Where are our future leaders? Right here. This innovative program prepares young teens for the future by introducing them to people, resources and powerful experiences that instill knowledge, confidence and determination.


training session for the YEAWHO QUALIFIES?

YEA! is a free summer program designed for 13 year olds living in Boston, Malden, Medford, or Everett whose families meet income eligibility requirements.



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Research shows that the middle school years are a critical time, especially for young people from low income families. Thirteen year olds are too old for summer camp but too young to qualify for a youth jobs program like ABCD’s SummerWorks.

That’s why we created Youth Engaged in Action — YEA! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year It’s a free oneParticipants of the YEA program week program offered only online. Income-eligible 13-year-old youth become young leaders through awareness, advocacy, and the opportunity to take action. Throughout the session, they learn how government works, how to take positive action on challenges that face our environment, and how financial well-being is important for them and their community.

YEA! packs in workshops and invites experts to teach them how to budget money and save for the future, and they learn how to present themselves and practice good judgment in the digital world.

site visits for the YEA programYEA! youth also learn key job readiness skills and have priority admission to the sought-after ABCD SummerWorks paid internship and job readiness program.

The ABCD YEA! program is a collaboration with Capital One, financial education partner Junior Achievement of Eastern Massachusetts, the Eaton Vance U.S. Charitable Gift Trust, and the Prince Hall Grand Masonic Lodge of Massachusetts.