Community Prevention

ABCD Community Prevention offers Sexual Health, HIV/STI Prevention, Wellness Education, Personal Development/Empowerment Programs and Community Events in the greater Boston area. Our programs are trauma informed, integrate gender and cultural pride, and are inclusive to reach youth and young adults in the community who may not use—or trust—conventional sources of care and information. Our goal is to ensure that young people's rights to information, health education, wellness, and care are accessible in our community to support their overall well-being. Community Prevention programs provide high-quality HIV/STI prevention, sexual health, and wellness education for youth and young adults where they live, learn, and leisure:

  • Research shows sex education reduces the rates of unplanned pregnancies and STIs. It also shows that young people make better health and lifestyle decisions (free from fear and stigma) when they are educated to make informed decisions about their bodies, health, and relationships.
  • Our core education models are evidence-based and show positive impacts on supporting the health and well-being of young people and are attuned to the context and social conditions affecting communities in which our young people live.
  • The programs we offer have a focused population-based on funder guidelines and work to ensure they are open to and inclusive of young people in our community.
  • Our program staff are trained and representative of the young people we serve in the community.
  • Community programs are offered at no cost to agencies and young people and often provide participants with incentives for completing our programs.
We collaborate on educational and wellness events and initiatives with other programs, businesses, and non-traditional partners. Our long history of providing a broad range of program and community events includes:
  • “Healthy Visions” is held every January; “Black Women’s Heal Day” in April; “Love Your Menses” in May, and many more themed events such as World AIDS Day, Protect Your Black Girl Magic, and Young Moms Power Meet-ups.
  • Our programs have served women reentering society after leaving prison; family planning programs for men; coalition work to examine issues of teen pregnancy; HIV/STI testing for Boston residents, and social media campaigns to increase awareness about HIV/STI and other health care disparities in the community.
We can offer these programs on the virtual platform. As COVID-19 safety guidelines allow, we will offer hybrid programming of in-person and virtual.

Improving health, promoting self-sufficiency, building community

ABCD Services link: #Bossup


#Bossup expands our sexual health and prevention education programs to include young men ages 15-25 living in Boston.
ABCD Services link: 3 Steps in 30 Days Sexual Health Challenge

3 Steps in 30 Days Sexual Health Challenge

Take the sexual health challenge! Don't let another 30-days & 3 powerful steps pass to your sexual health and wellness.
ABCD Services link: Know Your Status

Know Your Status

Getting tested for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections is vitally important for you and your health — and for those you love. Reach out to us today!
ABCD Services link: Let Girls Learn

Let Girls Learn

Our sexuality education program for girls to learn about sexual health and wellness, understand a definition of sexuality that is more than just sex and is positive.
ABCD Services link: Lower the Sound

Lower the Sound

Lower the Sound — Save Your Hearing is a public health awareness campaign developed to draw attention to the growing number of children and young adults suffering from hearing loss because of exposure to loud noise.
ABCD Services link: Safer is Sexy

Safer is Sexy

Safer is Sexy--Sophisticated Empowered Xtraordinary You--is a social media and community outreach program to bring Black and Latina women and girls together with experts and allies to address substance abuse, HIV prevention, and more.
ABCD Services link: Sister2Sister


If you're between 15 and 25 years old and identify as a woman, this is a confidential judgment-free zone where we can help you understand and take control of your sexual health and well-being.
ABCD Services link: Young Women's Health Leadership Academy

Young Women’s Health Leadership Academy

You're a young woman who's curious about a career in public health, specifically reproductive and sexual health community prevention education. What are the career paths? What impact can you have? Start here.