Let Girls Learn

Maybe you can relate: no one's really talked to you about how to have a healthy relationship, you want to better understand sexual identities, body changes you are experiencing, and you want to stay healthy when you choose to be sexually active.


Who’s eligible?

This program is for young women age 11 to 19 and extends to include young women up to age 21 years old who are pregnant or parenting, in state systems such as foster care, experiencing homelessnes, living in residential programs and homes.

Open to all self-identifying and LGBTQ+ girls.


What’s it about?

Funded through the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, this 10 hour program consists of an evidence-based sexual health curriculum. It covers how to develop and maintain healthy relationships, sexuality, reproductive anatomy and physiology, prevention of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI),  understand gender/sexual identities, understand definition of sexual assault/trauma, understand prevention and self-care for empowred choices.

Participants receive a $30 gift card for completing the program.