NBA Foundation ‘Solveathon’ inspires Boston youth to think big

On Dec. 2, the NBA Foundation and MIT Solve partnered to host an inaugural ‘Solveathon’ for five Boston-based Foundation grantees.

The five Boston-based nonprofits brainstormed with MIT student-mentors and NBA employee volunteers.

In the crevices of the MIT campus Innovation Hub, the NBA’s most pressing business questions are being posed.

But don’t be fooled. This is not a board meeting with the league’s senior executives — these solutions are coming from some of the nation’s brightest young minds, with a perspective not often heard on your typical conference call. 

Enter NBA Foundation ‘Solveathon’, an interactive, ‘hackathon’-style workshop hosted in partnership with MIT Solve. The event, which was hosted on Saturday, featured five Boston-based grantees of the NBA Foundation. Split into teams, the groups were challenged to map, design and pitch their solutions to problems league offices face daily. 

The goal? To inspire young people to tackle real-world business challenges in a way only young people can — in hopes of gaining skill sets to utilize in the classroom, workplace and beyond.

“I hope that youth participants gain a multitude of skills, everything from how to pitch an idea that they have, to executive presence, to public speaking [and] design thinking,” said Lauren Sills, operations leader of the NBA Foundation.