Massachusetts fuel assistance customers brace for massive energy bill increase

BOSTON – Annmarie Taylor-Alleyne says she’ll be lowering her thermostat this winter and turning the lights off more frequently just to try to make ends meet with her energy bills. 

“Sometimes I wonder how do I make it? I have my kids but it’s not every time I can ask them for help,” Taylor-Alleyne told WBZ-TV. 

She worries now how she’ll afford a 64% increase in her electric bill from National Grid, which the utility said it has to pass on to customers starting November 1 due to rising costs of obtaining fuel. 

“I say, ‘Wow.’ I have to buy blankets and sheets to keep myself warm and keep the lights going,” Taylor-Alleyne said. 

She gets fuel assistance from Action for Boston Community Development, which helps 22,000 households and is scrambling itself to find additional resources. 

“We are asking for more money to support different programs at the state and national level,” ABCD president and CEO Sharon Scott-Chandler said.