Hey Teens, Apply now for ABCD SummerWorks! Mayor Wu praises program, calls it “essential experience”


CONTACT: Susan Kooperstein at 617.875.3619 or Lee Phenner at 339.368.1140                                

An ABCD SummerWorks job is a prize! Don’t miss out!Put dollars in your pocket, obtain career skills, receive mentoring, social supportsIf you are ages 14 to 21, income-eligible, and live in Boston, you can earn and learn in the ABCD SummerWorks program this year! Plan now to spend your summer with ABCD, working 20 hours a week in a non-profit organization.

You can earn up to $1,710! So put money in your pocket while receiving outstanding preparation for future school and work. Along with work experience that gives back to the community, you participate in career skills and job-readiness workshops and receive mentoring and social supports. 

ABCD thanks Mayor Michelle Wu for her support of ABCD SummerWorks. “The City of Boston has been a longtime partner in this program and we are pleased to continue that important partnership this year, when our youth need help more than ever,” said ABCD President/CEO John J. Drew. Drew said that ABCD plans to provide at least 1,000 summer jobs for teens this year.

“Our young people have faced tremendous challenges during this pandemic,” said Mayor Michelle Wu. “The ABCD SummerWorks program is an essential experience for young people preparing for their careers and building community. As we approach the summer, I encourage all of our young people to apply and get involved with this valuable program.” 

ABCD is reaching out to teens early this year, encouraging them to apply to this longstanding program with its documented success. ABCD SummerWorks provides the chance to work in interesting jobs with fellow teens and caring adults while preparing for the career of their dreams in the work world. Many successful business, public service and community leaders held their first jobs in ABCD SummerWorks! Past ABCD SummerWorks job sites include libraries, day camps, childcare centers, government offices, non-profit organizations, local historic sites and more.                           

The application period began February 1. Apply online to ABCD SummerWorks at summerworks.net. If you have questions, email summerworksinfo@bostonabcd.org or call 617-348-6548. “Our young people have had to negotiate unprecedented difficulties due to the pandemic and political/social/racial upheaval over the past two years,” said ABCD President/CEO John J. Drew.

“They have had their schools close, their parents lose jobs, their friendships disrupted. ABCD is putting together a summer experience that is safe, meaningful and important to their lives and careers. We want then to know that ABCD is here for them.” Drew said that ABCD is planning an in-person, on-site SummerWorks program, but will follow COVID-19 guidance and convert to a remote experience if necessary.

The program is scheduled to begin the first week in July and run for six weeks for 20 hours a week with potential earnings of $1,710. Currently ABCD plans to hire 1,000 youth, but the need is far greater. ABCD and the City of Boston are calling out to Boston businesses, funders, non-profit leaders and philanthropists to step up and donate funds and/or provide jobs to ensure that every young person who wants to work has a job this summer! Drew pointed out that past enrollees often turn their paychecks over to their parents to pay for rent and food.

“This is a program that keeps families going and fuels the local economy while making a difference for young people in every neighborhood,” he said. “Year after year I have seen it provide a ticket to future success.”

What kind of impact can ABCD SummerWorks have? Watch Leury’s story

Donations gratefully acceptedABCD is grateful for private donations to support our youth programs as well as emergency services including food security, rental assistance, and others. To make a donation, call 617-348-6559, email give@bostonabcd.org or visit bostonabcd.org/donate


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