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ABCD takes statewide leadership role in massive weatherization initiatives funded by ARRA and utility partners including 35 “green” solar hot water heating projects in public and subsidized housing developments across Massachusetts.


Legendary ABCD President/CEO Robert M. Coard passes away, just a few months after retiring. The ABCD Board of Directors elects John J. Drew President/CEO of ABCD.


The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act provides significant funding that enables ABCD to launch comprehensive weatherization, job creation and community initiatives that address unmet needs. ABCD develops a place-based model for integrated services with one-stop access to benefits.


ABCD begins the Community Health Worker Initiative funded with a $1 million grant from The Boston Foundation to provide career enhancement for community health workers, improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities for low-income families.


ABCD opens William J. Ostiguy High School, one of three recovery high schools in Massachusetts.


ABCD starts WorkPathways project with $2.8 million from the U.S. Department of Labor to help welfare recipients find and keep jobs.


The first Field of Dreams corporate softball tournament at Fenway Park raises $150,000 for ABCD youth programs. Since then this annual fundraiser has raised more than $2 million.


ABCD, as lead agency, wins contract to manage the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) in the Massachusetts Bay area. That campaign raises approximately $2 million annually to benefit 3,000 charities.


With the aid of a $7.4 million HUD grant, ABCD and the Church of the Holy Spirit establish 45 units of elder affordable housing in Mattapan. This is the first of four such initiatives that brought $28.2 million in HUD funds to Boston and created 206 units of elder housing in low-income neighborhoods. Photo: jiawangkun – Fotolia


ABCD starts University High – an alternative high school in collaboration with the Boston Public Schools to serve young people who struggle academically or otherwise in the traditional system.