Basic Family Planning Training

A two-session family planning counselor certification course. In addition, there is a one-session course requirement covering ABCD and Title X requirements for family planning service provision at ABCD sub-recipient sites.

A two-session course including live and enduring material activities for individuals working in family planning and reproductive health programs.


Principles For Providing Quality Family Planning Counseling and Education, Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology, Contraceptive Methods and Emergency Contraception, Pregnancy Options Information, STD/HIV Information and Prevention, Preconception Health, Sexual Health Issues, Counseling Adolescents and Sexual Coercion and Abuse and Family Involvement.

A certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course, which includes attendance at both live sessions, completion of homework, and passing a take-home exam. Certification of family planning counselors at ABCD Family Planning sites includes observation of family planning counseling sessions.



$300 (includes handbook and additional materials). No cost for staff of ABCD funded family planning programs.



October 19th, 2022 and October 26th, 2022 | Registration Deadline: October 14th, 2022
November 10th, 2022 and November 17th 2022 | Registration Deadline: November 5th, 2022

Live Sessions: 9am – 2pm with additional pre-learning required