Meet ABCD Board Chair Sean K. Daughtry

ABCD Board Chair Sean K. Daughtry serves in a Public Sector seat on the ABCD Board of Directors representing State Representative Christopher Worrell. Daughtry recently shared with Insight regarding his background, tenure and the reimagined ABCD 60 years after its inception.

Q: Why ABCD?

A: ABCD’s mission is to build pathways out of poverty in partnership with families and communities so that everyone can thrive. I was drawn to the organization’s focus on the whole individual and family. ABCD serves the Greater Boston community at almost every juncture in life –  from being a Head Start child to a Foster Grandparent, and the experiences in between those stages. We provide food, education, career assistance, job training, fuel assistance and much, much more. Helping people means meeting them where they are. ABCD has done that in fine form since 1962. 

Q: You’ve represented various individuals and organizations on the ABCD Board of Directors over the years. Tell us about those experiences and the evolution to becoming board chair.

A: I joined the ABCD board 10 years ago representing the NAACP Boston Branch. Seeing the number of programs and services that ABCD offered, and the number of clients impacted was amazing. I was a member of the Employment and Training Committee and eventually chaired it. This committee was aggressive in seeking grant dollars to fund numerous employment and youth services such as SummerWorks. Later, I served on the Finance Committee and joined the Executive Committee as a vice chair. 

Both of these experiences provided me with even greater insight into how ABCD operates and how dedicated the leadership and staff were to the mission of ABCD. I am currently honored to serve as board chair, which is an awesome responsibility as ABCD is the leading Community Services Block Grant agency in the country.   

Q.  Re-imagining the future: Can you share your top priorities in your work with the board and with ABCD President and CEO Sharon Scott-Chandler?

A: As a Community Action Agency, ABCD is governed by a tripartite board that represents the community, the public sector (elected officials) and the private sector. As board chair and as a board in general our number one job is to provide governance, financial oversight, direction and represent the needs of our community. Outside of that we also want to partner with Sharon and her staff to both promote what ABCD has done, and provide and assist in furthering the mission of ABCD. In this new post-pandemic world, with political uncertainty, artificial intelligence and a volatile economy, it is incumbent that the board remain dedicated to providing steady leadership, a shared vision and a sense of compassion as we navigate the future. 

Q. What are some of your most important contributions over the years as a member of the ABCD board of directors?

A: My contributions of time, treasure and talent do not compare to the services ABCD brings and the dedication of their staff and leadership. Over the past 10 years, my focus has been on providing strategic counsel, leadership and direction as a board member and board chair. I am also proud that my company, Vertex, has been a stalwart supporter of ABCD and has fielded a Hoop Dreams team for many years.

Q. Is there anything else that you would like to share with us?

I just want to applaud ABCD for all that it does. It has adeptly handled government shutdowns, the COVID pandemic and the change in leadership from John J. Drew to Sharon Scott-Chandler. I am very encouraged and inspired by Sharon’s leadership and am more than excited to assist in fulfilling her vision.