Chestnut Manor renovation to notably decrease energy costs during winter: AHA

State officials, Arlington Select Board members, and Arlington Housing Authority employees at Chestnut Manor last month. EOHLC Secretary Edward Augustus is seated fourth from the left in the front row. / AHA photo 

Chestnut Manor, a 100-unit building for elderly and disabled residents, recently completed a $1.3 million project expected to cut energy use by more than half.  The property is managed by the Arlington Housing Authority, or AHA, which oversaw this project along with Action for Boston Community Development and with Eversource, an AHA news release said.

Edward Augustus, secretary of the state executive office of housing and livable communities, visited  on Dec. 19. “The weatherization and heat-pump improvements being made in Arlington public housing not only reduce the carbon footprint in our housing, but they also enhance the lives of our residents, creating more livable communities where people can live in dignity,” Augustus was quoted as saying.