ABCD hails University High graduates

Sherann Jackson-Alkins, head of school and director at University High School, with the class of 2023.

On Friday, June 16, ABCD honored its University High School graduates with all due pomp and circumstance. University High School is the agency’s alternative high school for Boston students ages 16 to 22 who, at minimum, are repeating 10th grade, have fallen behind at least one grade level in traditional high school settings, or have left high school without completing their diploma requirements.

University High operates in partnership with the Boston Public Schools–Boston Collaborative High School and concentrates on core requirements. 

“Completing high school is one of the biggest accomplishments of a young person’s life,” said ABCD President and CEO Sharon Scott-Chandler. “It sets a foundation and puts them on a path toward furthering their education and establishing a career, which will bring stability and success for the rest of their lives.”