ABCD, Boston’s largest nonprofit youth summer job program partner will hire and place 1,700 youth

ABCD SummerWorks has increased capacity and urges Boston youth to apply right away. Thanks to key partnerships and supporters, long-standing and new, SummerWorks will provide summer jobs to 1,700 underserved youth ages 14-21. 

SummerWorks distinguishes itself by placing youth in nonprofit and mission-driven organizations, allowing youth to give back to the community while obtaining career skills, earning a paycheck and being in community with their peers when school is not in session. Participants will engage in career development, job readiness workshops and mentoring opportunities. 

ABCD President and CEO Sharon Scott-Chandler said critical investments and partnerships allow ABCD SummerWorks to provide these economic empowerment, personal and career development opportunities to Boston’s underserved youth. “We are thankful to Mayor Michelle Wu and her team at the Office of Workforce DevelopmentCommonwealth Corporation, worksite partners and corporate partners like State Street and Bank of America for their commitment to Boston youth and for their belief in SummerWorks,” she said. “For over 55 years, SummerWorks has set a foundation for Boston youth and played a role in producing the next generation of leaders. We urge community-based organizations and other nonprofits to host students at their worksites and help facilitate this vital pathway into a brighter future.”