Many partners help Globe Santa in its mission

For 67 years Globe Santa, a program of the Boston Globe Foundation, has provided gifts to children in need at holiday time. Please consider giving by phone, mail, or online at globesanta.org.

The letter, typed on a form from the Massachusetts Commission for the Blind, asks for help on behalf of a “very happy 9-year-old little girl.”

Adopted in 2017, she lives west of Boston with her mother, a work-from-home parent and “an active advocate — both to get her services as well as to allow her to be a child.”

She is, most importantly, a child, and she is in need of help from Globe Santa, a program of the Boston Globe Foundation that delivers holiday gifts to children in need in Greater Boston.

Many of the nonprofits have been in partnership with Globe Santa for years, even decades.

“I can’t remember not doing it,” said Jessie Moynihan, mental health administrator with Head Start and Children’s Services, part of Action for Boston Community Development.

“For parents who are struggling it’s especially stressful in the holidays,” she said. “All those commercials, the pressure. They want to give their kids the best of everything. And they can’t afford it.”