MassHire Metro North Career Centers Win Bronze Award

In August, the ABCD operated MassHire Metro North Career Centers (MNCC) won the Jobs for Veterans State Grants Program (JVSG) Bronze Award. In addition to the recognition, the award comes with a cash prize which will be spent on adding capacity to serve Veterans. Each year, the Massachusetts Department of Career Services recognizes great work within the field including the JVSG. On July 1, 2020, ABCD won a four-year contract to operate the MNCC.    

The JVSG Incentive Awards recognize the efforts of an entire Metro North Career Center that demonstrates:

  • Improvement and modernization of employment
  • Training and placement services for Veterans
  • Reward and celebration of excellence in priority of service
  • Development and delivery of best practice techniques
  • Improved performance outcomes for Veterans. 

The full list of Jobs for Veterans State Grants Program winners is as follows:

  • Gold Award Winner: MassHire Greater New Bedford Career Center
  • Award Amount: $10,324
  • Silver Award Winner: MassHire Central Region Career Centers
  • Award Amount: $8,324
  • Bronze Award Winner: MassHire Metro North Career Centers
  • Award Amount: $5,324
  • Rising Star: MassHire Boston Career Center and
    MassHire South Shore Career Center
  • Award Amount: $3,824

Bravo to all the winners on a job well done!  To learn more about MNCC, visit masshiremncareers.com and bostonabcd.org for more information about ABCD’s many programs.