Suffolk County DA’s Community Reinvestment Grant Will Help Two Nonprofits Doing Work in Charlestown

Last week District Attorney Kevin Hayden announced the distribution of $60,000 in grants to Suffolk County nonprofit organizations dedicated to promoting the health and safety of the county’s residents.

Two nonprofits doing work in Charlestown were among the 13 nonprofits to receive grants between $2,500 and $5,000 through Hayden’s Community Reinvestment Grant (CRG).

“Throughout my career as a prosecutor and a defense attorney, I’ve witnessed young people with promise veer onto dangerous paths due to lack of opportunity and guidance,” said Hayden. “We fail these children when our intervention starts in a courtroom.  We achieve a more just and equitable legal system when we help communities provide interventions, services and opportunities necessary for youth to succeed.  We can accomplish far more together than we can alone.”

Over at Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD), an agency Hayden said has been helping improve the lives of 100,000 low-income individuals across Greater Boston each year through comprehensive services, is another grant recipient doing work in the neighborhood. 

Each summer ABCD’s satellite office at the John F. Kennedy Family Community Center in Charlestown helps find summer job employment for teens.