College student has high HOPES after start at Cheesecake Factory

Schofield is about to graduate from college, and plans to become a police detective or probation officer. She’d also like to own a restaurant, too.

Shavonne Schofield believes patience is a virtue.

Patience can help us achieve our goals and avoid making bad decisions. That’s the lesson she’s learned, and thanks to it, she’s finding out that now is finally her time to grow. 

Ryan Brennan, a case manager at Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD), introduced her to HOPES and helped her navigate the training and subsequent job interview she needed to begin work as a host at the local Cheesecake Factory restaurant. With the job, and a voucher for an apartment, HOPES offered her a lifeline, and she grabbed it. “I’ve been in college for about six years now, working on my bachelor’s degree in criminal justice,” she says. “I’d been through hardships, and was looking for a job. I needed to get out on my own and rent an apartment. Then the pandemic happened, and finding that job was really hard. Ryan not only helped with that, but also with resources for housing. He’s been a great support.”