‘Living On The Edge’: Home Heating Oil Prices Soar In Massachusetts As Russia Invades Ukraine

BOSTON (CBS) – Experts say we can blame the current sticker shock over home heating oil bills on the Russia invasion in Ukraine. Organizers at ABCD Fuel Assistance in Boston say they’re paying about $1000 to fill a 250-gallon tank.

“The only income I have is social security,” said 91-year-old Joseph Brooks who lives in Hyde Park. He’s among 15,000 people depending on help from ABCD. “Once you look around and you buy all of whatever it is, and you don’t have any money left to buy, you got a problem,” he said.

“This is horrible. For people we’re trying to help, it’s more than that,” said ABCD president John Drew. “It’s living on the edge at this point for many, many people. Looking over the precipice that could very well be homelessness.”