I am a Ukrainian

Source: John J. Drew

People around the planet should join the brave people of Ukraine!

We must stand with and stand beside the brave but terrorized Ukrainians: children, papas, grandmothers, women… our human family that is being subject to a despicable onslaught by bullies and terrorists, the paranoid and delusional human forces that have complete control of RUSSIA.

Countries around the world may hold back in fear of the not subtle threat by the crazed Russian leader and would-be emperor of a nuclear World War III if any country tries to intervene militarily.

We cannot let our human family be isolated and alone as they try to hold off this invasion that plans to topple the elected government and install a puppet regime answerable to Putin.

And after that the same fate lies in store for all the Eastern European and other previously Russian countries bound together by fear and intimidation of the former Soviet Union.

It is our cause, fellow members of the human race.

Let us call on those among us who have the means to provide the logistics to go to Ukraine. We need an airlift, buses, transportation into the country with food, fuel, medical supplies, doctors, nurses, weapons. In 1948 the Soviets (our so-called allies) blocked all access to West Berlin, intentionally starving the people. The United States formed a massive airlift of food, petroleum, and other vital necessities to support the West Berlin population until the Soviets took down the blockade.

Let us unite and join our beloved Ukrainian family on the battle lines.

I will be first in line. In my eighth decade, I have seen much of the human condition. I am concerned that we are standing by and letting the Ukrainian people, innocent of any malice, be wiped out by the less than human Russian bullies, bloodthirsty for power, filled with the greed of conquest .

ON TO UKRAINE! Let us stand beside these BRAVE, STRONG and WONDERFUL people.

John J. Drew is President/CEO of Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD).