Wu deserves our support, and her neighborhood deserves quiet

A demonstrator bangs on a mailbox during a protest outside the home of Boston Mayor Michelle Wu in Roslindale on Jan. 25 The group was protesting the vaccine mandate in Boston. CRAIG F. WALKER/GLOBE STAFF/THE BOSTON GLOBE

As noted in Scot Lehigh’s column (“Demonstrations at their homes have crossed a line,” Opinion, Feb. 17), the courts have weighed in against disruption of homes and neighborhoods by loud protesters. The ongoing at-home intimidation of Mayor Michelle Wu over vaccine mandates for city workers — policy that is based on clear public health science — needs to stop. What other Boston mayor has faced daily early-morning protesters with bullhorns waking children on a quiet neighborhood street?

Our highly committed, neighborhood-based, and smart new mayor is relying on science to keep schoolchildren, elderly, and immunocompromised Bostonians safe amid the daily expanding population of college students, commuters, and tourists. It’s a high-wire act. She deserves our support. Those who disagree should take their complaints to City Hall, not a (formerly) quiet Roslindale neighborhood.

John J. Drew
President and CEO
Action for Boston Community Development