During her seven years as a Boston City Councilor, Michelle Wu led the advancement of issues that aligned with the ABCD mission and daily operations. As she gets down to the work of being mayor, we anticipate countless opportunities to join forces for the betterment of under-resourced residents and for Boston overall.

As the first elected woman and first Asian American mayor of Boston, Mayor Wu garnered significant support from a wide range of groups in every Boston neighborhood — African Americans, Latinx, Asians and Asian Americans, students, seniors, and others. This winning constituency looks like the ABCD community: the more than 100,000 low income people coming through our many doors each year, as well as our staff and board members.

Mayor Wu’s appreciation of all Boston residents is an affirmation of our collective strength and a commitment to a just, diverse, equitable, and inclusive future.

She knows ABCD as an integrated network of programs operating in every Boston neighborhood (and beyond) with full community participation, including the early education and family development program Head Start, alternative high schools, youth development, food security and housing assistance, a national model for family planning, job training programs, immigration services, elder services, and more.

She knows we’re here when folks are in crisis, in need of essentials such as food and housing, as well as when they’re seeking access to resources and opportunities that have long been denied.

She knows that progress starts with being an integral part of the community, listening closely, and collaborating on ways to uplift and empower. With that in mind, we at ABCD were pleased to learn of Mayor Wu’s appointment of Brianna Millor as chief of community engagement, a cabinet-level post. Millor has represented Wu’s city council office on the ABCD board of directors and served on ABCD’s Neighborhood Programs/Planning & Evaluation Committee.

Mayor Wu is an exemplary public servant who backs up her words with action and who supports her proposals with planning and implementation.

We at ABCD stand ready to work alongside Mayor Wu and her administration to build a brighter future for every Boston resident.