ABCD—Action for Boston Community Development—has fought poverty for nearly 60 years, and we recognize that systemic racism is at the root of it, certainly in cities across America. The death of George Floyd last week at the hands of Minneapolis police officers shook people of conscience throughout the country and the world.

We acknowledge the horror of Mr. Floyd’s death, as well as the power and potential of a resolute response.

We are among the outraged, and we continue to be committed not only to social justice but to the active efforts of anti-racism. Only through solidarity and respect for all can we be an instrument of change; only through clear communication and determination can we hope to challenge unconscious bias while dismantling institutional racism.

We are proud of our history of working with and for our Greater Boston neighbors who face the harshest of social and economic barriers. We seek to alleviate suffering and, crucially, to provide people access to the tools and resources to reach their goals and their dreams—tools and resources that have been largely denied to them.

We will hold to this purpose now and in the decades ahead, galvanized by a mission to bring America closer to living the principles on which it was founded. It’s a noble goal, and we have much work to do.