Letters to the editor (The Boston Herald)

Kudos for means-tested T fares

Although I respect the opinion that the costs of discounted MBTA fares for low-income riders would be high as expressed in the Feb.28, 2020 editorial “Lost revenue from low T fares must be recouped,” I applaud the T’s Fiscal Management and Control Board and other key stakeholders and advisers who are intently focused on solving that issue.

As many as 70,000 low-income riders in Greater Boston would not only benefit greatly from reduced fares but would be able to continue contributing to the economy. We must ensure that this important change be funded and not burden those struggling to pay their rent, utilities and other bills in a region with a skyrocketing cost of living. This is a critical conversation that calls for expedited action toward a pilot program so that riders who need to get to work, keep medical appointments, take their children to daycare, do essential errands — whatever the purpose — can do so without financial hardship. ABCD, which each year works with more than 103,000 Greater Boston residents seeking to emerge from poverty, is eager to continue working toward a solution to ensure equitable and accessible transit opportunities are available for low-income riders.

— John J. Drew,
President/CEO ABCD (Action for Boston Community Development)

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