Ostiguy and University High Schools Celebrate Generous Grant Support

Students at ABCD’s two alternative high schools, Ostiguy High and University High, come from an array of backgrounds, but they all share one trait in common: a desire to get their lives back on track and to enter adulthood with all of the tools they need to succeed. ABCD is proud to be there for these students as they work towards graduation and towards fluency in subject areas required for full participation in society.

Ostiguy and University High Schools see math and science literacy as key cornerstones of a high school education. ABCD is proud to offer the MASTERY (Math and Science Testing, Education, and Results Year) project, which offers math and science remediation, at both high schools because nothing should deprive students of their right to understand how the physical and human worlds function.

ABCD is deeply thankful for the generosity shown by the Yawkey Foundation with their renewed $40,000 grant towards the MASTERY project. Perpetuating the thoughtful philanthropic commitment and legacy of Tom and Jean Yawkey, the Yawkey Foundation is committed to supporting programs and services to help at-risk youth achieve their full potential and has consistently funded ABCD programs benefiting Boston youth with more than $746,000 since 1995. With this most recent grant, the foundation supports Ostiguy High and University High students in developing critical math and science literacy skills necessary to go to college and to compete in the workforce.

ABCD is also grateful to Life Science Cares, a new funder of MASTERY, for their generous $15,000 grant. Life Science Cares, a joint effort of the Greater Boston life sciences community to end poverty in our region, seeks to reduce disparities between rich and poor residents across Greater Boston and sees investing in education as a key component of their broader vision for eliminating regional inequalities.

In addition to these generous grants, ABCD is extremely grateful for the generous gift of $10,000 from the late Stanley Chen, a 2019 ABCD Community Heroes Celebration honoree and a friend to underserved Bostonians for generations. This gift supports University High School.