Asian American Civic Association rings in 52 years



The Asian American Civic Association (AACA) celebrated its “Their Courage to be New” gala on June 30 at the Spirit of Boston cruise ship. About 400 guests rang in 52 years of service.

Social Justice Award recipient and ABCD president and CEO John Drew said, “Social justice to me means we’re all in this together.”

Santander Bank was recognized as an Employer Partner of the Year. The Employer Partner of the Year award was presented to the Bostonian hotel as well.

AACA offers the Careers in Banking and Finance program, teaching individuals about customer service and cash handling skills for a lasting career in banking. Its Building Energy Efficient Maintenance Skills program prepares skilled workers for careers in building management for properties such as hotels.

A dance was performed by the MIT Asian Dance Team. ShinDaiko performed contemporary Japanese drumming.

AACA director of business growth Edward Hsieh demonstrated classical Yeung tai chi quan with Randall Bo. Both studied over a decade at Gin Soon Tai Chi Chuan Federation.

Guests enjoyed karaoke and dancing onboard the ship.

AACA was founded in 1967 as the Chinese American Civic Association. Today, the agency serves clients from more than 125 countries, providing immigrants and economically disadvantaged individuals with education, job training and social services for economic self-sufficiency. The Sampan Newspaper is published by the AACA, starting out in 1972 at the agency newsletter.