Mobile outreach van, team serving the homeless suspended until further notice

The Action for Boston Community Development Mobile Homeless Outreach Team (MHOT), a program serving homeless people in Greater Boston’s Mystic Valley region , has  temporarily suspended its services as the program looks for donations to keep the van running.

Spare Change News highlighted the program in March when it lost  funding from the federal government due to low marks on a grading system created by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

“We fell short when it came to their grading system,” said outreach team specialist Aaron Blythe back in March. “But for people who live on the opposite side of Everett to have to come to the office who are disabled, or who have trouble spending their money on a bus to get into the next town, it’s going to create another barrier for them to get the services they need to get off the streets … it’s kind of a domino effect, without having everything set in place it’s easier for things to fall apart.” (Read More.)