Finding and sustaining affordable housing is one of the toughest challenges in greater Boston. Through our offices in Boston and Malden, we’re supporting people in their search and working to prevent families from entering homelessness by providing housing counseling. We provide assistance, including information to help you navigate the maze of paperwork and procedures that comes with subsidized housing.

House & Home

House & Home

In 2022 we helped 647 households with housing assistance & stabilization

Keeping You in Your Home

ABCD Services link: ABCD Connect

ABCD Connect

Struggling? ABCD can help in so many ways.
ABCD Services link: Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure Prevention

When you’re struggling to stay in your home, we help you understand your rights and responsibilities, help you organize your finances, and access additional services. Offered through our Mattapan Family Service Center for all Boston residents.
ABCD Services link: Housing Counseling Services

Housing Counseling Services

We inform, explain, advise and retain up to date information on all aspects of avoiding homelessness and finding and remaining in an affordable home.
ABCD Services link: Housing FAQ

Housing FAQ

Chances are you have lots of questions about finding or keeping affordable housing or dealing with homelessness. We have some ready answers.
ABCD Services link: Housing Resources and Assistance

Housing Resources and Assistance

Have you fallen behind on rent or mortgage payments? Are you facing eviction? These resources can help – and so can our housing counseling staff.
ABCD Services link: Housing Workshops

Housing Workshops

ABCD's monthly housing search workshops offer strategies that you can use when searching for housing in the Boston or Mystic Valley areas.
ABCD Services link: Mystic Valley Housing Services

Mystic Valley Housing Services

ABCD Housing and Homelessness Prevention services in Mystic Valley offers a number of programs and services including counseling, referrals, and workshops.
ABCD Services link: Rental Assistance

Rental Assistance

If you're facing hardship and can't pay your rent, you may qualify for one of these programs.