Coat Drive

Boston's winter months can be harsh. ABCD can help with that.

ABCD helps families in need with warm clothing for the harsh winter months. We accept donations of coats, scarves, boots, gloves, mittens, hats, and anything else that can help a family bundle up in the cold. 

It’s not just for comfort: going outside without adequate protection against the cold is dangerous. During the winter, the elderly are at a higher risk of heart attacks, and children are vulnerable to hypothermia and pneumonia. 

Winter places a huge strain on the budgets of poor families. Your gift of winter clothing will directly benefit those who need it the most. 

Help us keep families warm and safe this winter by organizing a coat and winter clothing drive in your neighborhood or workplace or through your church or neighborhood association. You can drop coats off in-person or have them delivered. Contact us at 617.348.6559 or give@bostonabcd.org for more information!