What Your Gift Can Do

When you donate to ABCD your gift makes a real difference. You may be surprised to see just how much your gift will mean to someone in need. Here are just a few examples.

Keeping the Heat On

ABCD’s Fuel Assistance program helped more than 24,000 households stay safe and warm last year—but many households ran out of oil before the end of the winter. Thanks to our generous donors, no one was left out in the cold. Your $250 gift will keep an elder’s heat on for a month of snowy New England weather. To help, donate here.

Helping Youth Earn and Learn

SummerWorks, ABCD’s summer youth employment program, helps kids stay in school and prepare for a successful career. Last year, we served 1,200 youth—but over 6,000 were turned away.  A donation of $1,000 will get a young man or woman off the streets and into a job. Donate here to help!

Opening Doors through Adult Education

The abilities to read and write English and perform basic math operations are key to occupational advancement and family self-sufficiency. And for speakers of other languages, the waiting lists for training classes in ESOL are long. Just $300 will create a new “seat” in an ESOL classroom for a year. A gift of $500 can help bring the skills of reading, writing, and math to an adult in need of basic education. Help here.

Providing the Tools for Prosperity

For a low-income family, a simple financial education course can make the difference between saving and increasing debt. Just $45 can put a family on the road to saving for the future.

Families who apply for the Earned Income Tax Credit can receive up to $4,000—enough to build a real nest egg. And it costs only $25 to provide the tax assistance to get EITC. Want more families to get this help? Donate here.

Sound like a good deal? We think so!

We can demonstrate, in dollars and cents, the return on your investment. Check out our impact here.

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