Young Women’s Health Leadership Academy

The ABCD Young Women’s Health Leadership Academy is a public health training institute for girls and young women of color. Through it we seek to instill leadership skills, build health literacy and heighten awareness of career opportunities in health-related fields--specifically in reproductive and sexual health community prevention education.



If you’re a young woman of color living in Boston, contact us.

ABCD’s women-focused programming welcomes anyone who identifies as a woman.



You might have noticed or experienced extreme disparities in the healthcare system. Compared to non-Hispanic whites, African Americans, Latinos, and other groups, particularly low income populations, often suffer from limited access to health care, lower quality care, inadequate insurance coverage, and so on. The results play out in devastating ways including a higher incidence of illness such as heart disease and diabetes.

To address and ultimately eliminate these unjust disparities, the country needs leadership.

Your leadership.

When you enroll in the ABCD Young Women’s Health Leadership Academy, you’ll learn about different leadership styles, organizational skills, written and verbal communications, how to motivate yourself and others, and how a community health strategy becomes reality.

You’ll meet role models who’ll help you explore career opportunities in reproductive and sexual health community prevention education. Do you want to be a doctor? A researcher? Community health worker or educator?

We value you, your perspective, and your potential to help overcome disparities and ensure that everyone has equal access to the best healthcare available.