#Bossup Individual sessions are 60-90 minute private and confidential, judgment-free one-on-one conversations about sexual health, relationships, and wellness for young men ages 15-25 who live in Boston.

Our intake form assesses young men’s needs around key determinants of health such as food/housing insecurity and mental health. HIV/STI education and an individual assessment conducted to assess any risk. Additionally, partner communication and health goals are developed by participants to take care of their sexual health.

    • A $30 gift card incentive is provided for completion of the session and paperwork.

    • We assist participants in accessing health and social services and other community-based resources which they identify as a need

    • Participants are encouraged to “know their status” as part of their sexual health care. We offer free HIV/STI testing through our testing partners and participants receive a $10 gift card for completing their test.