3 Steps in 30 Days Sexual Health Challenge

The 3 Steps in 30 Days Challenge is for young adults ages 18-25 to address safer sexuality through completing 3 health steps over 30 Days.

The 3 Steps participants complete include:

  • Education: 3-hour Safer Sexual Workshop

  • Personal Protection Plan: #Bossup 60-90 minute individual session

  • Know Your Status: HIV/STI testing at our testing partner site

Our Program Evaluation
of this model includes a pre-survey before the start of the program, exit survey at 30 days when all 3-steps are completed and a follow-up survey in three months.

Participants are assisted in accessing health and social services and other community resources as they identify need.

Incentives of $130 Gift Card total is provided for completing the 3-steps over 30-days and all three surveys.