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ABCD Needs Your Help!

The people helped by ABCD are struggling to survive—and not just to survive, but to improve their lives, and their children’s lives. Their road is a hard one.

The young mother desperate to find a good job so that she can support her family…               

The teenager trying to avoid the dangers of the street, and graduate from high school…

The elder—with a lifetime of hard work behind him—who can’t pay the heating bill…

The unemployed father who isn’t sure that he can pay the rent…

The parent of a toddler who wants her baby to get a good start…

The drop-out whose dream is to go to college…

ABCD is here for them. We believe that no one should be without the basic resources to live in dignity—and that no one should be without hope for a brighter future.

So we are dedicated to providing help and hope…and the tools for building better futures. But we can’t do it without you.

Why We Need Your Help

For the people ABCD works with—children, youth, parents and elders—life has gotten harder. Poverty is growing. And many of the threads in our country’s public safety net are fraying.

The need has never been greater. Today, ABCD has long waiting lists for the resources families need to make progress in their lives.

This is why the support of our individual and corporate donors is more critical than ever before.

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