Partnering with High Schools to Support Youth

ABCD WorkSMART is a support program encouraging inner-city teens to balance completing high school while gaining work experience in their desired field of study or professional  industry. The ABCD program collaborates with Boston Public Schools to help build and maintain a team of school and community members who are dedicated to providing effective year-round working and internship opportunities to disadvantaged youth.

Teens enrolled in the new ABCD WorkSMART program work 15 hours per week at minimum wage in a 14-week supervised internship subsidized by the ABCD program. ABCD is committed to supporting each WorkSMART participant through graduation. Worksites include community based organizations, childcare centers, health facilities, and higher education institutions. Participating students will spend two hours a week in counseling sessions and their work hours are modified to fit their school schedule.

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For more information, contact:

Jessica Rosario, Director of Youth Services
Phone: 617-348-6546


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