Home ownership no longer provides a clear and direct pathway out of poverty for low-income families.  While intra-familial transfers of property have long been viewed as key to accumulating wealth and interrupting the cycle of inter-generational poverty, inflated home values and disproportionate enrollment in sub-prime lending products that led to high rates of foreclosures during the financial crisis, combined with present-day economic realities of wage stagnation and slow job growth for low-and-mid-skilled workers, have undermined this long held belief and practice. The financial gains from ownership remain real, but only if you get to keep your home, and then, only if you are able to continue to do so, over time.


Join Us To Help Ask the Tough Questions.... 

• Has homeownership lost its usefulness as a path our of poverty?

• Are there more viable ways to build wealth for low-income families?

• How can homeownership without home equity be a good investment?

And leave with answers that lead to action! 



Please click here for full bios of the panelists. 

Erin Michelle Graves
Senior Policy Analyst, Policy Advisor, Regional & Community Outreach; Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Tony Hernandez 
Director, Dudley Neighbors, Inc.
Karen Wiener 
Chief Operating Officer, Citizens' Housing and Planning Association

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