Credits that Low-Income Families Deserve

Getting the tax credits that families deserve is what the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program is all about. As a leading partner of the program since 2001, ABCD provides free electronic Federal and Massachusetts State tax preparation for approximately 5,000 low-moderate income taxpayers. On average, ABCD returns approximately $8 million in Federal tax refunds that include key credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Child Tax Credits and Educational Credits.

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program is coordinated through ABCD’s Financial Futures Initiative (FFI) that represents the agency as a leading partner of the City of Boston’s Tax Help Coalition. With the essential help of countless volunteers, FFI supports the overarching mission of ABCD by helping low-income individuals and families by receiving the full benefit of their tax return and potential refunds. Our volunteers are IRS-certified annually and are trained to assist clients in finding hundreds of dollars worth of tax credits that many may not have known they are even eligible for. Last year alone, we saved taxpayers $1.1 million in paid preparers fees through Volunteer Power!

VITA services increase low-income clients' tax returns, helping them to build savings, pay off debts, or invest in their personal savings goals to obtain and maintain financial wellness.

Interested in making a big difference in just a few hours each week? Volunteer with ABCD’s VITA program! 


Where to Find It

ABCD offers its free tax assistance services at its Financial Futures Initiative department and at neighborhood sites across the city. Locations and additional details are listed below.​

Allston-Brighton NOC
640 Washington Street, Ste. 203 
Brighton ∙ 617.903.3640

Capital One Ink Block Café
310 Harrison Avenue
Boston ∙ 617.267.7400

Capital One Back Bay Café
799 Boylston Street
Boston ∙ 617.348.6583

Central (Downtown Boston)
178 Tremont Street
Boston ∙ 617.348.6583

Dorchester NSC
110 Claybourne Street
Dorchester ∙ 617.288.2700

East Boston APAC
21 Meridian Street
East Boston ∙ 617.567.8857

Jamaica Plain APAC
30 Bickford Street
Jamaica Plain ∙ 617.522.4250

Mattapan FSC
535 River Street
Mattapan ∙ 617.298.2045

Mystic Valley Opportunity Center
11 Dartmouth Street Ste. 104
Malden ∙ 781.321.2501

Parker Hill/Fenway NSC
714 Parker Street
Roxbury ∙ 617.445.6000

Roxbury/N.Dorchester NOC
565 Warren Street 
Dorchester ∙ 617.442.5900

South Boston Action Center
424 West Broadway
South Boston ∙ 617.269.5160

South End NSC
554 Columbus Avenue
Boston ∙ 617.267.7400

ABCD South Side Head Start
19 Corinth Street
Roslindale ∙ 617.327.1152

* Tax services available by appointment only. Please call your local ABCD site to schedule a consultation.​


Don't forget to bring:

  • Valid Government Issued Photo ID
  • Social Security card or Individual Taxpayer ID Letter (ITIN) for you, your dependents and/or your spouse
  • All 1099 forms – 1099G (unemployment), 1099R (pension payments), 1099INT (bank interest), 1099SSA (Social Security)
  • All W2 forms from all jobs for 2016
  • Proof of health insurance (health insurance cards, 1099-HC, 1095-A, etc.) for taxpayer, spouse, and all dependents**
  • Total child care expenses in 2016, and child care provider’s name, address, and Employer Identification Number (EIN) or SSN
  • All 1098T forms (tuition payments), receipts formaterials and books and bursar statement
  • Total student loan interest paid (1098E)
  • Proof of total rent paid in 2016
  • A copy of last year’s tax return
  • Bank issued printed account and routing numbers for direct deposit of your tax refund
  • Proof of ANY deductible out of pocket expenses (annual BWSC, 1098E, charitable receipts, etc.)
  • Any mail from the Massachusetts Department of Revenue
  • Any mail from the IRS

**Taxpayers who have received or expect to receive health insurance credits need to bring proof of ALL household income.

Without all documents, we cannot complete your tax returns

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