Help ask the tough questions...

  • Neighborhood, municipality, or region - at what level is income inequality best addressed?
  • Can regional transportation planning increase access to quality jobs?
  • How can we make gentrification benefit people living in poverty?
  • Should services follow people where they move?

... and leave with answers that lead to action! 


Please click here for full bios of the panelists.​​

Chrystal Kornegay

Undersecretary, Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development​

Giles Li

Executive Director, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC)

James J. O’Day

State Representative (D-West Boylston), Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Timothy Reardon

Assistant Director of Data Services, Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC)


Joe Kriesberg

President & CEO, Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations (MACDC)​

Reading List 

The following articles and documents are presented to participants for further reading:

The Growth and Spread of Concentrated PovertyThe Brookings Institute

The Dimensions of Displacement Baseline Data for Managing Neighborhood Change in Somerville’s Green Line CorridorThe Metropolitan Area Planning Council

The Failures and Merits of Place-Based InitiativesThe Atlantic

The G Word: Gentrification and Its Many MeaningsThe Atlantic

Transportation Emerges as Crucial to Escaping PovertyThe New York Times

Where No One Thought Gentrification Would GoNext City