ABCD Impact

Did You Know?

ABCD served over 100,000 clients in 2013 through an array of programs that helped them to access work, school, and the benefits they need to stabilize their families and move towards self-sufficiency.

Our Clients

ABCD serves Boston's low-income individual and families through a network of Neighborhood Service Centers, Area Planning and Action Councils, Head Start sites, and affiliates in every neighborhood. Basic demographic data shows that in FY 2012:

  • 74% of our clients were female; 44% of these were single mothers
  • 35% of clients were between 24 and 44 years old
  • 33% were Black
  • 26% were Hispanic
  • 19% were Asian
  • 56% lived at 100-percent of Federal Poverty Level or below, and more than 5,800 clients reported zero income
  • 71% of clients had a high school diploma or less, and 33% had less than a high school education
  • 14% of clients were disabled

​​Our Reach

In FY 2012 ABCD reached thousands of low-income residents in Greater Boston through a wide variety of services and programs. These included:

  • Neighborhood “Place-Based” Initiatives: Reached 16,768 households.
  • ABCD gives children a Head Start: Reached 2,848 pre-schoolers, infants, and toddlers with Early Head Start and Head Start. Helped 10,072 families access child care through referral and voucher programs.
  • ABCD equips at-risk youth to succeed: 167 youth enrolled in alternative high schools with 45 graduating with High School diploma.
  • ABCD provides employment opportunities for youth: Connected 808 youth with summer employment and 68 youth with year-round career exploration.
  • ABCD helps families lower their energy bills: 17,963 households with LIHEAP assistance, and helped 1,720 lower their energy bills with weatherization services and heating system upgrades and 2,856 single family households received appliance audits and product upgrades.
  • ABCD helps individuals become better educated: Reached 330 adults with ABE/GED services. 139 students graduated with Associates Degrees or certificates.
  • ABCD helps individuals learn English: Provided 682 individuals with ESOL courses.
  • ABCD help individuals become US citizens: Helped 1,075 individuals complete US citizenship applications, provided 100 individuals with US citizenship courses, assisted 87 individuals obtain US citizenship and 12 individuals obtain permanent residency
  • ABCD help individuals reunite with their family members: Assisted 23individuals complete the Family Member Petition Application
  • ABCD helps individuals earn a living: Provided 755 individuals with job assistance.  Helped 262 individuals obtain jobs.
  • ABCD made the holidays a little happier: Holiday toys were given to 2,300families.  Provided 781 families with food for the holidays through the Holiday Meals program.
  • ABCD returns money to poor communities: $8,550,442 to poor communities in refunds and Earned Income Tax Credit for 5,373 households through free tax assistance
  • ABCD empowers people with financial knowledge: Provided 83 individuals with comprehensive financial literacy education.
  • ABCD helps people manage their finances:  Provided 177 individuals with credit counseling.
  • ABCD keeps families safely housed: Helped 138 families facing foreclosure, provided housing assistance and stabilization services to 1,870, supported 134 with emergency rent or mortgage assistance, and helped485 obtain or maintain housing.
  • ABD helps nourish individuals and families: Reached 3,636 families through emergency food pantries, and helped 213 obtain Food Stamp benefits. Distributed 150,000 boxes of food and 329,269 pounds of food.
  • ABCD keeps individuals healthy: Reached 28,150 individuals with disease prevention and reproductive health care. Helped 315 obtain health insurance.
  • ABCD helps seniors stay independent: Helped 2,878 seniors maintain independent lives through case management and other services. ABCD helps seniors stay healthy: Assisted 503 seniors with Medicare counseling sessions. Provided 25 seniors with prescription pick-up or hospital advocacy services. Reached 204 seniors with exercise and wellness classes.
  • ABCD helps seniors access food: Served 9,000 seniors hot meals and snacks to seniors and 1,654 seniors with food through the Senior Brown Bag program.
  • ABCD bridges the gap between generations: 147 seniors participated in the Foster Grandparents program and received a $50 stipend per week.
  • ABCD utilizes volunteers to serve those in need: 1,743 volunteers donated 274,687 hours to ABCD and our clients.
  • ABCD brings the community together: Partnered with 2,000 organizations to fulfill ABCD’s mission of providing basic services and innovative programs that help empower individuals, families, and communities in Boston to overcome poverty, live with dignity, and achieve their full potential.



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