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North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center

The ABCD North End/West End NSC serves income-eligible residents of Boston.


ABCD's North End/West End NSC offers ABCD services and programs that include:

In addition, North End/West End NSC offers the following services, unique to this location:

  • Translation and interpretation: Italian, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • Food Pantry: vouchers are provided to clients with strict dietary needs and are given on a as needed basis as well as emergency food pantry.
  • Hot Meals and Snacks: hot meals two times a week on Mondays and Fridays. Snacks (3 times a week) primarily for the elderly, disabled, homeless, and ESOL students.
  • Senior Programs: A drop-in senior center, health, exercise, and wellness classes, and social activities for seniors. Includes:
    • Art Workshops: Visual art workshops for seniors
    • Day Trips: routine outings to local destinations
    • Exercise Workshops: regular physical activities for seniors
    • Health Education Workshops: workshops for seniors that provide information about local health resources
    • Housing Search Assistance: assistance with the search for affordable housing
    • Senior Taxi Vouchers: Discounted taxi vouchers can be purchased at the NSC
    • Supermarket Shuttle: customer service for clients that need the shuttle bus schedule and complaints/concerns are forward to the Supermarket Committee
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Maria Stella Gulla, Director North End/West End NSC
Phone: 617-523-8125


The North End/West End NSC is located at 1 Michelangelo Street Boston, MA 02113.

1 Michelangelo Street Boston MA 02113

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