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Entre Nosotras II is a young women’s health program that promotes and reinforces healthy behavior among Latina and Black female young adults ages 18-24 in Boston and surrounding communities.

The goal of the program is to address inequitably high rates of HIV infection among young women of color through an integrated community-based program of HIV prevention using the evidence-based Real AIDS Prevention Project (RAPP) model, tied to enhanced HIV counseling and testing, environmental change activities conducted in conjunction with community groups and coalitions, and the Young Women’s Health Leadership Academy, a public health training institute for girls and young women of color.

Young Women’s Health Leadership Academy

This program for young women works to:

  • Increase health literacy and leadership skills for young urban women concerning women’s health issues, including HIV, STDs, mental health, chronic disease and racial and ethnic disparities in health
  • Increase young urban women’s knowledge and exposure to career opportunities in public health and women’s health
  • Develop a skilled cadre of young women health leaders who, after graduation, will participate as Peer Educators and in other roles in ABCD’s HIV and family planning programs, and in the health promotion programs for other Boston Health Agencies

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Irvienne Goldson
Phone: 617-348-6263

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Where to Find It

The Entre Nosotras II program is based out of the central ABCD Health Services Department located at 105 Chauncy Street Boston, MA 02111.

105 Chauncy Street Boston, MA 02111

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