Help ask the tough questions...

  • Who gets bailed? Who gets fined? Who pays fees?
  • Is the current system of bail achieving its intended purposes?
  • What legislative changes need to happen to prevent people from being jailed simply for lack of capital?

... and leave with answers that lead to action! 



Please click here for full bios of the panelists.​​

Marianne Bullock

Co-Founder, The Prison Birth Project​

Norma Wassel

Chair, Massachusetts Bail Fund

Carl Williams​

Racial Justice Attorney, American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts


Elizabeth Matos

Staff Attorney, Prisoners' Legal Services

Reading List 

The following articles and documents are presented to participants for further reading:

Charging Inmates Perpetuates Mass IncarcerationBrennan Justice Institute

New York City to Relax Bail Requirements for Low-Level OffendersThe New York Times

The Poor Get PrisonInstitute for Policy Studies

Massachusetts Bail: Alternatives and Opportunities, Criminal Justice Policy Coalition