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The ABCD Family Planning Program provides comprehensive family planning counseling, education and medical care for 30,000 women, men and teens in community health centers, school-based health centers, hospital primary care programs, and youth development programs.

Along with community-based education and outreach, the program seeks to insure that residents of the diverse neighborhoods in the Boston area have access to preventive health services and education to plan their families and maintain their health.   

The goals of the program are to prevent unintended pregnancies, help stop the spread of sexually transmitted infections and HIV, reduce infant mortality through the planning and spacing of births, and provide clients with information to stay healthy throughout their lives. 

Some of the services provided by ABCD Family Planning include:

  • Family planning counseling by bilingual, bicultural counselors and educators
  • Information on all methods of birth control with assistance in deciding the best method for each client’s lifestyle and health. This includes written information on birth control methods in many languages spoken by Boston residents, including Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Chinese and Vietnamese
  • Low and no-cost services, including birth control methods, exams and laboratory testing, for low-income women and men who don’t have insurance for family planning
  • Confidential services for teens
  • Pregnancy testing and counseling around options and referrals
  • Complete physical exams including pelvic exams for women, and testicular and prostate exams for men
  • Sexually transmitted disease counseling, education, testing and treatment
  • HIV counseling, education, testing, and referrals and free HIV rapid testing at specific sites
  • Infertility services and referrals
  • Education and referrals for assistance with drug treatment, smoking cessation, intimate partner violence, and nutrition

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For more information, or for questions or other inquiries, contact:

Deborah Dill
ABCD Family Planning Clinical Program Manager
Phone: 617-348-6261

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Where to Find It

The ABCD Family Planning program provides services through a network of 44 family planning sites and community health centers. Use the site locator to the right to find the ABCD Family Planning site closest to you, or click here for a list of all sites.



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