Mayor Walsh declares August 28 ‘Foster Grandparent Day’ in Boston - ABCD Recognizes Key Partners 

from Sampan
Posted by ABCD Public Information 10/13/2015 Categories: Foster Grandparents Program

On August 28, ABCD will celebrate the Foster Grandparent Program’s 50th anniversary with a social media campaign via Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, honoring the contribution of Foster Grandparents to children and society and thanking the 50-plus Boston-area community partners that make the program possible. Presentations to several community partner honorees will traverse the globe via social media.

“We’re using 21st century social media to celebrate a heartwarming social program that began 50 years ago, before tweeting or YouTube existed,” said Nicci Meadow, ABCD Foster Grandparent Program Director.

“We want the world to know how valuable this program is,” said ABCD President/CEO John J. Drew. “And social media can help make that happen. This program couldn’t work without the committed participation of our community partners and we’re proud to honor them on this all-important anniversary.”

Read more here.

Older persons send messages to @POTUS while #learningtotweet 

By Rosa Nguyen, Boston Globe
Posted by ABCD Public Information 7/13/2015 Categories: Foster Grandparents Program

"For Evelyn House, 73, watching President Obama speak on television was not enough. The Brookline woman said she wanted to communicate with the president directly. Sitting in a canary-yellow conference room at the Action for Boston Community Development, her finger pushed a computer mouse that sent Obama her first-ever tweet." Read more here.

Congratulations, ABCD North End/West End NSC’s English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Program 

By North End Waterfront
Posted by ABCD Public Information 7/4/2015

"On Thursday, June 18, 2015, ABCD North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center (NE/WE NSC) honored  49 students from over 16 countries for their success in completing the 2014/2015 Adult Education Program." Read more here.

Around Town: ABCD Head Start 50th Anniversary  

By BNN TV/Comcast
Posted by ABCD Public Information 7/1/2015 Categories: ABCD Head Start

"Around Town highlights the Head Start program of Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) celebrate a half-century of providing the pioneering early education and care program that has put tens of thousands of Boston’s low-income children and families on the road to success in school and life." Watch here.

Frozen In Time, Remembering The Students Who Changed A Teacher's Life 

By Claudio Sanchez, NPR
Posted by ABCD Public Information 6/30/2015

"Jonathan Kozol looks back on the events he wrote about 50 years ago, in Death at an Early Age." Watch here.

Encuentro Latino - ABCD Head Start 50 Aniversario  

By Encuentro Latino TV
Posted by ABCD Public Information 6/26/2015

SPANISH SEGMENT: "Recientemente se llevó acabo en la ciudad de Boston un evento especial conmemorando el 50 aniversario del programa Head Start de la organización ABCD, el cual ayuda a muchos de nuestros niños Latinos y a sus familias. Yvette Rodriguez, Directora Ejecutiva del programa Head Start, nos habla al respecto." Watch here.

Malden non-profit files bankruptcy after receiving millions in taxpayer dollars 

By Fox 25
Posted by ABCD Public Information 6/24/2015 Categories: Fuel Assistance LiHEAP

"FOX25 first began investigating complaints the Malden non-profit wasn't fulfilling its commitment to low income families earlier this year. On Wednesday, Investigative Reporter Kerry Kavanaugh did some digging into what happened to all that tax payer cash now that the agency has claimed bankruptcy." Read more here.

Senate Approves $38.09 Billion Budget 

by John Lynds, East Boston Free Press
Posted by ABCD Public Information 6/4/2015

"Senate Majority Whip Anthony Petruccelli and the Senate voted on a $38.09 billion budget for Fiscal Year 2016 and in it are several earmarks to held East Boston. Petruccelli said the budget makes critical investments in key areas of local aid, education, economic development and services for vulnerable and under-served populations." read more.

ABCD Celebrates 50 Years of Head Start, BNN News 

Posted by ABCD Public Information 6/2/2015 Categories: ABCD Head Start

"Chris Lovett talks to ABCD's John Drew and Yvette Rodriguez." watch video here.

English language learners lauded in Roslindale 

by Julie Cohen, The Roslindale Transcript
Posted by ABCD Public Information 5/28/2015 Categories: ESOL Programs

"The Transcript decided to take a closer look into the struggles and triumphs of immigrants to the U.S. who are working hard to learn English. Many have not only become proficient in the language, they’ve become more confident in other areas of their lives." read more

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