Baker establishes task force on chronic unemployment 

State House News Service
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"Seeking to end persistent employment problems among people of color, veterans and people with disabilities, top Baker administration officials plan to spend the next several months gathering ideas to improve the situation in time for the governor's drafting of the fiscal 2017 budget." read more.


Mass. residents losing jobless benefits 

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WASHINGTON — Nearly 3,000 Massachusetts residents have exhausted unemployment benefits since the end of the year, and hundreds more are losing them each week, as efforts to restore the federal extensions remain stalled in Congress.

Lawmakers will try again to revive the program, which expired Dec. 28, after they return to Washington this week. Despite clearing a key procedural hurdle in the Democrat-controlled Senate early in January, legislation to reauthorize the federal emergency benefits has bogged down over how to pay for the costs, estimated at several billion dollars.

Proposals to extend the program first for 11 months, then three months each failed in the Senate in January. And such proposals will probably face an even tougher time in the Republican-controlled House.

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Curatone: Pulling together to help state’s needy 

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By Joe Curtatone Guest Columnist, Metro West Daily News, January 12, 2014

For many of us, this has been a season of celebration. But for thousands of Massachusetts residents, the onset of winter is a harsh reminder of the struggle to keep their families safe and healthy. Even in my city of Somerville, where the economy is booming, the gap between the middle class and the poor continues to widen.
And while our state’s economy continues to recover, data suggests that extended under- and unemployment, federal program cuts and other factors have left many of our neighbors and fellow citizens without basic necessities such as heat, health care or adequate food. An increasing number are homeless.

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Tell Congress to Extend Unemployment Insurance Benefits! 

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Now that the Federal Government has approved a two year budget agreement, we need to determine its impact on our clients and communities.  By setting appropriations totals at $1,012.2 billion in FY 2014 and $1,013.6 billion in FY 2015, the agreement allows the House and Senate Appropriations Committees to determine program-by-program spending levels.However, we do know that federal unemployment insurance benefits for long-term jobless was not extended.

We are asking you to contact your federal representatives to ask that they extend the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program as soon as they return to work! 

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People struggle following loss of unemployment benefits 

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NECN December 28, 2013, 6:40 pm

 Richard McDonald is out of work, and now he's without long-term jobless benefits, along with 1.3 million other Americans.

The 53-year-old lost his job with U-Haul a year ago. He used up all his state jobless benefits, and he will no longer be getting help from the federal government because Congress and the president failed to reach an agreement on how to pay for the program.

"This is not fair. This is not a country, that I believe in, that will do this to people," said John Drew, president and CEO of Action for Boston Community Development.

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Hundreds of thousands of unemployed people in Massachusetts now without benefits 

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By Kaitlin Walsh Sunday, December 29, 2013,

More than one million Americans without jobs are now also without long-term unemployment federal benefits. After 11 renewals in five years, Congress did not include the benefits in the latest budget deal.

"It's been rough out here these last couple of years. I've never seen it so rough…and I wish people would pass their plans and work together."

Senators do plan to discuss a bipartisan proposal that would extend benefits for three months.
Until then, the Action for Boston Community Development estimates 141-thousand people in Massachusetts are losing their weekly 300-dollar government checks.

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Scrooge Saturday: 1.3 million Americans to lose emergency jobless aid 

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The Boston anti-poverty group, Action for Boston Community Development Inc., says 141,000 Massachusetts residents are among 1.3 million Americans losing benefits. 

While critics of the emergency unemployment program, like Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, say that handing out money to the unemployed only exacerbates the problem, causing people to become dependent upon the state for their livelihood, there has been little debate over the $16 trillion bail out of the world's leading banks, corporations, and governments between December 2007 and June 2010. 

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Thousands of Mass. residents to lose jobless benefits 

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Across the country, more than 1.3 million jobless workers will be cut off from benefits because Congress adjourned without reauthorizing the extensions as part of the recent bipartisan budget deal. Democratic leaders say they will press to restore the emergency program when lawmakers return to Washington next month, but it remains unclear whether the Republican-controlled House will support another round of extensions.

If not, an additional 3.6 million people, including 141,000 in Massachusetts, would lose benefits next year, according to the Labor Department.

“It’s unconscionable,” said John J. Drew, chief executive of Action for Boston Community Development. “They’re getting hammered for something they didn’t do. They’re victims of the economy.”

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Hope for the holidays: Career Collaborative brings optimism 

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Posted by Chad O'Connor  December 21, 2013 02:30 AM

Doreen was referred to Career Collaborative by Action for Boston Community Development Inc. She came with an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from her native country, Jamaica; however, after coming to the U.S. she had not held a position in her field. Now she is an office manager at William Gallagher Associates, and has worked there for three years.  Read more.

Unemployment Running Out for Many this Holiday Season! 

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line of folks

141,000 Mass. residents will lose extended unemployment benefits on December 28, in midst of holiday season

 Unemployment stubbornly remains above 7 percent, preventing many families from maintaining a basic standard of living

 BOSTON – On December 28, federally funded Emergency Unemployment Compensation will end unless reauthorized by Congress.  The cut will affect nearly 1.3 million workers nationwide and 141,000 in Massachusetts, putting families at severe economic risk in an anemic economy with over 7 percent unemployment in the midst of the holiday season.
“These people are our friends, neighbors and relatives who have worked hard all their lives and now find themselves unemployed because of layoffs, downsizing and business closures,” said John J. Drew, President & CEO of Action for Boston Community Development.  “Cutting off these benefits means that thousands will shift their focus from job search to a down and out struggle to feed their families and keep the heat on and a roof over their heads.”  
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