Building Pathways Graduates 15 Workers From Pre-apprenticeship Program 

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My SouthEnd.com Jul 9, 2014

On Friday, June 27 fifteen young minority women and men graduated from the Building Pathways Program, made possible by the leadership of Boston’s Mayor Martin Walsh. Building Pathways is a highly successful pre-apprenticeship program that provides an opportunity for low-income Boston area residents to attain a career in the building trades. Mayor Walsh has often referred to the Building Pathways Program as his proudest accomplishment in the building trades.

"Creating the Building Pathways program was one of my proudest achievements during my time with the Building Trades," said Mayor Martin J. Walsh. "This is a program of opportunity that makes real, tangible change in the lives of women and people of color. I’m moved by the stories of the program participants, and I could not be more proud of the success of the program overall. Congratulations to the graduates, and I wish you the best of luck as you start your new careers."

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‘Building Pathways’ opens door to union jobs 

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By Gintautas Dumcius, Dorchester Reporter Nov. 14, 2013

Tom Olson holds up a pale blue cord in front of the class. Outlets and wires hang from the ceiling over the heads of 15 men and women, many of whom are wearing green hard-hats. “FiOS,” Olson says, holding the blue cord a little higher. “Anybody know what that stands for?”

The answer comes cautiously, in unison, from the class: “Fiber integrated optical solutions.” Says Olson, “Now, when you see the commercials with Comcast and FiOS and Verizon, you’ll be able to say ‘I know what FiOS is.’ Fiber integrated optical solutions, right? High-end communications, guys and girls. It doesn’t get any faster than that. That’s transmission through glass.”

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