Forces bid today for citywide casino vote 

Posted by ABCD Public Information 9/20/2013 Categories: Casino Poverty

By Dave Wedge, Boston Herald, Friday, September 20, 2013

“In Everett the whole city voted, and in Springfield the whole city voted,” agreed John J. Drew, president of the community service group Boston ABCD. “Step up to the plate and let everyone have a shot. Everyone I talk to around town says, ‘Why aren’t we voting?’ It will affect everybody. There’s no question in my mind about that.” Read more.

The house always wins 

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The train has left the station in the long-debated deal for a Boston-area casino. But while major players negotiate, we ask them and the public to consider the true cost of a gaming facility close to home...Research on casinos and low-income households is consistent: casinos do more harm than good. While they may create jobs in the short term, the economic impact of job creation for low-income families is far outweighed by the costs of increased spending on gambling-- and long-term increases in gambling addiction and related social problems. Read more