VIDEO: Federal cuts impact winter heating assistance for needy Boston residents 

by Kerry Kavanaugh of FOX25
Posted by ABCD Public Information 12/10/2015 Categories: Fuel Assistance LiHEAP LIHEAP Fuel Assistance

BOSTON – Federal budget cuts are having a big impact on many low income Boston residents that rely on assistance for winter heating.

We're talking about a cut of about $200 this winter. The group we spoke with says it's possible the maximum amount of families can receive this year won't get them through this winter season.

Watch the video here.

Heating oil prices at their lowest since 2009 

By Jay Fitzgerald and Jack Newsham, Boston Globe
Posted by ABCD Public Information 10/13/2015 Categories: ABCD Fuel Assistance LIHEAP Fuel Assistance Winter Emergency Campaign

For low-income families, the decline in heating oil prices could take some pressure off tight household budgets, offsetting rising rents and electric bills, said John Drew, president of Action for Boston Community Development, or ABCD, a nonprofit antipoverty agency that provides heating assistance in the Boston area. More than 180,000 households in Massachusetts qualify for federal heating assistance, and lower fuel oil prices mean their grants would buy more, Drew said.

“It helps offset all the other costs in their lives,” he said. “That’s the one dividend they have, that oil hasn’t gone up.” Read more here.

Malden non-profit files bankruptcy after receiving millions in taxpayer dollars 

By Fox 25
Posted by ABCD Public Information 6/24/2015 Categories: Fuel Assistance LiHEAP

"FOX25 first began investigating complaints the Malden non-profit wasn't fulfilling its commitment to low income families earlier this year. On Wednesday, Investigative Reporter Kerry Kavanaugh did some digging into what happened to all that tax payer cash now that the agency has claimed bankruptcy." Read more here.

Malden family says local non-profit took off with federal dollars 

Posted by ABCD Public Information 3/19/2015 Categories: Fuel Assistance LIHEAP Fuel Assistance

MALDEN, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A Malden man says a local non-profit took off with federal dollars meant to provide assistance with heating bills for low-income families." Watch video here


Roslindale resident struggles with heating costs 

by Ignacio Laguarda
Posted by ABCD Public Information 3/17/2015 Categories: Fuel Assistance LiHEAP

"Although it is almost spring, advocates for the poor are calling on the Legislature to release federal funding to provide heat assistance for Massachusetts residents, who are still dealing with the cold." read more.

Guest Opinion 

Times Staff, East Boston Times Free Press
Posted by ABCD Public Information 3/11/2015 Categories: Fuel Assistance LiHEAP

"Boston faces some of the highest electricity prices in the nation, and in January, rates increased by 29 percent." read more. 

Extreme weather impacting the U.S. economy 

by Jerika Duncan
Posted by ABCD Public Information 3/1/2015 Categories: Fuel Assistance LIHEAP Fuel Assistance Low income & poor families

"It's been a tale of two coasts, with different types of extreme weather conditions hitting different spots of the country, impacting the economy in some places." watch video here

ABCD takes over heating assistance in Greater Malden 

by John Laidler, The Boston Globe North
Posted by ABCD Public Information 1/25/2015 Categories: ABCD Fuel Assistance

"A Boston antipoverty agency is inviting residents from seven area communities to apply for fuel assistance this winter." read more.

Customers dig deeper as electric rates skyrocket 

by Kelly Tuthill - WCVB Channel 5
Posted by ABCD Public Information 12/11/2014 Categories: Fuel Assistance

Watch video here.

Ductless system combats energy price hikes 

Contractor, Online Resource for Mechanical Contracting
Posted by ABCD Public Information 12/9/2014 Categories: Fuel Assistance

"On November 1, 2014, New England businesses and residents that draw power from National Grid utility saw a 40 percent jump in the cost per kilowatt hour. Adapting to the change is hardest for the area’s low income population. But there is some reprieve." read more.

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