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ABCD Solution Series: Cradle to Prison
Posted by ABCD Public Information 5/20/2015 Categories: Low income & poor families Poverty Solutions Series Youth Unemployment

"In this second part of a three part series, Around Town highlights the candid conversation taking place in the Cradle to Prison Pipeline forum." watch video here.

SNAP Judgment: Is Government Program Hazardous To Health? 

Posted by ABCD Public Information 3/12/2014 Categories: Head Start Low income & poor families Poverty

By , WGBH-TV March 11, 2014

The idea behind the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program is simple: Poor people don’t have enough money to eat well, so the government gives them vouchers to buy more food.

Traditionally, SNAP’s critics have argued that it breeds dependency. But new research suggests it may actually be hazardous to your health.

...To be clear, Drew said he has no problem teaching low-income individuals how to eat healthy. ABCD does this every day in its citywide Head Start program — and Drew says it’s paying off, with obesity rates among ABCD’s Head Start participants dropping 40 percent in just a few years.

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Walsh Targets Inequality, But What Can A Mayor Actually Do? 

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By  90.9 WBUR February 14, 2014

The corner of Washington and Avery streets, just a couple of blocks from Boston Common, was a foreboding place not so long ago: a seedy extension of the old Combat Zone.

Not anymore.

The new 15-story Millennium Place offers up luxury condominiums, a private screening room for residents and a customized social calendar called La Vie. Across the street, upscale furniture store Roche Bubois sells an $11,000 couch with a built-in iPad jack.

But just around the corner: a reminder that Boston’s surging affluence is not shared by all.

The city’s largest anti-poverty agency, Action for Boston Community Development, is a big, concrete box.

Hundreds of clients walk through its spare lobby every day. On the fourth floor, Tonya Wilkerson, an unemployed phlebotomist from Dorchester, applies for home heating assistance and bemoans a long stretch of joblessness.

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Soaring rents are putting many families in peril Harvard study finds some in Mass., US spend half of income on housing 

Posted by ABCD Public Information 12/9/2013 Categories: Low income & poor families Poverty

By Megan Woolhouse  |  GLOBE STAFF, DECEMBER 09, 2013

Rapidly rising rents in Massachusetts and across the country are making housing unaffordable for a significant share of families and pushing many into homelessness, according to a study released Monday by Harvard University.

Massachusetts has the sixth-highest median rent in the nation as the supply of rental housing has failed to keep up with the surge in renters following the recent housing collapse and foreclosure crisis, according to the study from Harvard’s Joint Center for Housing Studies. More than one in four renters here and nationally must spend more than half their income on their housing, a level the report described as “unimaginable just a decade ago.”

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Long-term jobless to suffer Feds may end 24-week extension of benefits 

Posted by ABCD Public Information 12/1/2013 Categories: Poverty

By Jordan Graham
Gary J. Remal, Boston Herald, December 1, 2013

Federal benefits for the long-term unemployed in Massachusetts are set to be eliminated at the end of this month, a move community leaders and economists say will hurt those who can’t find work and is not necessary for the nation’s economic health.

People eligible for Emergency Unemployment Compensation, a federal program that paid for 37 additional weeks of benefits for individuals after 26 weeks of unemployment, will no longer receive aid after the program expires Dec. 28.

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Food pantries fear EBT cuts Deductions to boost need for aid - See more at: http://bostonherald.com/business/business_markets/2013/11/food_pantries_fear_ebt_cuts#sthash.esYW8B3G.dpuf 

Posted by ABCD Public Information 11/3/2013 Categories: Budget Cuts Fuel Assistance Government Shutdown Poverty sequestration Winter Emergency Campaign

By Jordan Graham, Boston Herald, Sunday, November 3, 2013

Local charities are bracing for a boost in requests for help now that almost half a million households in the Bay State that rely on government assistance to feed their families are getting less money thanks to the end of a federal stimulus program...“They’re taking away from people who really can’t afford to be taken away from,” said John Drew, president and CEO of ABCD.  Read More.

To the Editor: Food stamp cut … ‘just plain stupid’ 

Posted by ABCD Public Information 9/30/2013 Categories: ABCD Budget Cuts Low income & poor families Poverty

The US House passage of a bill slashing food stamps when 46.5 million Americans struggle to survive below the poverty level of $23,550 for a family of four is unconscionable, heartless, and just plain stupid.  

Even at current levels, food insecurity plagues the children, working parents, and seniors who rely on food stamps to put a meal on the table. And “a meal” is the operative term. Food stamps provide one meal a day, at best. Hungry children can’t learn. Families plagued by poor nutrition and hunger will lose ground in the work world. Seniors who deserve to live with dignity in their later years will go to bed hungry. All will be at risk for health setbacks.

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Bank helps Allston, Brighton kids get backpacks 

Posted by ABCD Public Information 9/23/2013 Categories: ABCD Head Start Low income & poor families Poverty
Wicked Local Posted Sep 22, 2013 @ 07:00 AM
Citizens Bank is helping 6,600 students start the school year with new backpacks filled with school supplies through its Gear for Grades program. More than 6,600 pencils, pens, folders, notebooks, glue sticks and index cards were donated by the public in all 252 branches across Massachusetts. Gear for Grades was organized in partnership with Cradles to Crayons.

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Forces bid today for citywide casino vote 

Posted by ABCD Public Information 9/20/2013 Categories: Casino Poverty

By Dave Wedge, Boston Herald, Friday, September 20, 2013

“In Everett the whole city voted, and in Springfield the whole city voted,” agreed John J. Drew, president of the community service group Boston ABCD. “Step up to the plate and let everyone have a shot. Everyone I talk to around town says, ‘Why aren’t we voting?’ It will affect everybody. There’s no question in my mind about that.” Read more.

The house always wins 

Posted by ABCD Public Information 9/11/2013 Categories: ABCD Casino Low income & poor families Poverty

The train has left the station in the long-debated deal for a Boston-area casino. But while major players negotiate, we ask them and the public to consider the true cost of a gaming facility close to home...Research on casinos and low-income households is consistent: casinos do more harm than good. While they may create jobs in the short term, the economic impact of job creation for low-income families is far outweighed by the costs of increased spending on gambling-- and long-term increases in gambling addiction and related social problems. Read more


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